Press OfficeBari Groep B.V. since 2015

Bari Groep B.V. since 2015

Bari Groep B.V. is a Dutch hotel group established in 2015 with offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Munich.  A hotel leasing and operating company which started the development of its own concept and brand in early 2017.  With a current pipeline of 6 openings until 2022, Mesura has become the company’s newest brand in the group after its existing Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide affiliations.

Mesura is a dynamic hotel concept, well-thought, well-planned and well-delivered.

Mesura has been in development since 2017 and is the result of a deep analysis of the new demand from old and new generations that look for strong and unique experiences when staying in a hotel. Bari Groep B.V. offers through Mesura a hospitality innovating project, building medium size hotels, locally adapted and well-known by guests’ freedom of choice, comfort, visual and functional design. The group is working to promote and only focus on its own brand with developing up to 10 Mesura hotels in the next 5 years. Their own brand and concept make them unique in the market.

The business development plan of the company includes Germany, The Netherlands, France and Spain while considering other countries in Europe.

A famous Dutch concept designer group, D/Dock was commissioned for turning the ideas, experiences, trends and demands of today’s travel and hospitality world away from the ordinary and common hotel experience, where well thought, detailed planned and considerate brand meet.  A brand that is not “branded”, yet has its own identity and spirit.

Above all, a unique approach commenced by combining our Guests’ focus groups and associates to share their experiences and preferences during the case study and development phase. The result, is a hotel brand that incorporates co-living and privacy, where co-working and privacy are respected, while today’s travellers preferences and needs are considered and combined in every step of the design and operation.

Bari Groep B.V is currently finishing the building and preparations for a new opening in the 3rd Quarter of 2021 of a Hampton by Hilton in Lille, France, which will be one of the first hotels of the revised Hampton version in Europe.

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