Press OfficeMesura hotel in Tutzing, Germany

Mesura hotel in Tutzing, Germany

Bari Groep B.V. will be opening the first Mesura hotel in 2022 in Tutzing, in the Bavarian district of Starnberg, another 4 star hotel in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany.

Tutzing has seen the need for a new hotel that will complement the new projection and development of the area. The developer ehret+klein, also in charge of the Mesura hotel project in Landsberg, keeps on working closely with the municipality and the spatial and concept designer D/Dock, a famous Dutch company which team continuously adapts the Mesura brand to the trends and demands of the current travel and hospitality sector.

It will be the first Mesura hotel in Europe, a hotel concept that unites art, co-living, co-working and privacy.

The hotel will be 120 rooms and common areas will give guests somewhere to relax, meet, eat, drink and connect with the culture and community of Tutzing. The well-known Bavarian town is located between Munich and the Alps offering the best opportunities for rest and relaxation, outdoor activities and sports while enjoying nature as well as metropolitan life. Tutzing is a popular vacation spot with a strong community and day and night social leisure life. The view of the Alps from there are unique.

Tutzing also offers several industrial areas and a corporate campus will be finished in 2021, attracting employees and residents.

Mesura is an experience, not a regular and ordinary hotel accommodation. It offers guests a balanced and an upgraded hotel experience through well-measured and smart design, complemented with adaptability and service.

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